Small big – decisions

There are decisions which make little differences in our lives – whether to wear the white or blue shirt? Whether to choose chicken or beef burger? Whether to watch a movie or go for a walk in the park? The differences and consequences are minimal.

However, there are some decisions which impact our lives for a long time, sometimes, even forever – who we marry, our career choice, where we’ll live, if we’re going to have an active faith, etc?

When I look back, I notice that there are some decisions, around ten or less, which deeply influenced my life. They were good decisions – crucial ones.

Sometimes I stop and think how easily I could have gone the other way. Married another person. Fallen into temptation. Gave up at a time of discourage. Listened to my heart but, thank God and His wonderful mercy, my mind was illuminated to make the right decisions, and I reap the fruits to this day.

God didn’t make the decision for me. He simply presented options, advised me according to His words, and gave me the liberty to choose for myself. I’m the one who preferred to hand in my freedom and let His words prevail in my life. It wasn’t luck, or some sort of super intelligence. It was submission and obedience.

When we’re self-righteous, we normally do dumb things but, when we recognize we’re idiots before God and decide to follow His wisdom, we become wise.

Big decisions don’t always seem so big when we make them. We’ll only be able to see how fundamental they were in the future. But, how will we know that?

The best thing you can do is to obey the One who knows best.


You are Original!

You were created as an ‘original product’. There’s no one else who is exactly like you.

Every human being is different from one another with each individual having their own characteristics, personality, appearance, etc.

You were born to be happy and to stand out! But then, this question comes up: “Why, then, do so many young people end up ‘giving up’ on themselves to become somebody else? Trying to fit in, to find a way out, to have popularity?” You name it!

The fact is, when you try to fit in – to please people – you’re giving up on what makes you original! In this way, you’ll never know what happiness really is or who you really are!

You were born as an original, don’t die as a copy.


World Cup vs Fasting of the Lord Jesus Christ

Our everyday life is made of choices, some simple, others more complex; however, they all have to be done…

What we wear, eat, which transportation we will catch, which way to go or what profession we choose, which person to marry, what country we live… yes , it is true, there are choices that are easier and automatic being made compared to others…

But there are still others that do not require much thought to be achieved and producing beneficial results to our lives. One such glaring example is the choice between watching the World Cup or to participate in the Fast of Jesus. To those fan the choice is painful, but if you have doubts, think about what each of them have to offer you:

World Cup:
- Emotions that will finish
- You get nothing, who wins are, the professional soccer
- Delusions that lead to violent reactions
- Unnecessary teasers
- Imminent clashes
- Euphoria gives way to a depression
- Gatherings that leads to all sort of wrongs for personal purposes

Fast of the Lord Jesus Christ
- Your joy is permanent
- You will be off the attractions of this world to invest in your relationship with God
- Your dedication will be directed only to the Divine precepts
- Your objective will not be a momentary satisfaction but to receive the Holy Spirit
- You will find that spiritual growth is a constant
- You have a real encounter with God
- Once you join, you will never be the same!

Make your choice in conscience and knowledge of the Truth. This is the time for you to prove that yes, you can! And, to make this decision, you will receive the strength to resist temptation and always win.
Investing in the World Cup (watch it), will be a waste of time, absolutely nothing to add in your life. On the contrary! So decide right, invest in your relationship with God, because it depends and will depend on your earthly and eternal life!
What Will Be your Choice?

God is counting on you, and me too!


Pr. John YPG Coordinator

Setting a Good Example

Be the example

As a child grows up, it starts becoming less dependent on its parents. Society dictates that the strong have to depend on no one.  This is what has led many young people to behaving as they do and doing everything they can to achieve their independence.

Many human beings have the most precious gift of freedom. How do we use this gift which has been achieved by bloodshed? Have you exercised your freedom in the best way, in your family, your love-life, with your body, your finances, your parents, the elders, your community and towards your country?

In the name of freedom, many young people bring upon themselves a lot of pressure which could have been better directed if they had used their most treasured asset, their brains. I am free today, you may say, but think! Because you are free, can you act in a way which would damage the good cause freedom fighters shed their blood for?

They paid the price so that today you and I have the right to choose which school to attend, but have you been doing your best in your studies? They paid the price so you and I would not be judged by the colour of our skin, but by the results we produced. Have you been doing enough as a worker?

They paid the price so that you and I could decide to live anywhere we wanted, but have you been respecting your neighbours concerning the Ubuntu spirit? Examine yourself and consider how you use your freedom. Many young people do not know how to behave with the freedom they have which is why the prisons and rehabilitations centre are full, while on weekends, the night clubs and shebeens are filled with people wasting their freedom, using time better spent on education and investing in themselves. What was the reason for the freedom given to you?

You have to be among the youth who are making a difference in leading this country to creating a new, blessed South Africa. Nkosi ntsikelela iAfrica

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.

Pr. John – YPG Coordinator


The Inner Battle

Many youths, in spite of believing in God and having every opportunity to succeed, are losers!

They are constantly defeated by the problems they face, the situations which occur in everyday life, temptations which are presented to them and come up with reasons for the defeat, as well as give the same old excuses.

Youths in these situations try to overcome this ‘loser state’ according to their ‘abilities’ but, the Bible is clear, which states:

Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” (Luke 17: 33)

When you give your life to the Lord Jesus, not just verbally but act upon every instruction and advice that’s given, you can never lose because, from that moment, your life is in His hands.  You’re safe.

It’s sad to see young people MOVING forward and Upwards in every aspect of their lives whilst others are on a treadmill.

Why do some move forward and upwards?  Because they are ready to Sacrifice and let go of EVERYTHING which has been blocking the Holy Spirit from working in their lives. This means that, no matter what happens around them, even against them, they can’t lose because they’ve already ‘lost’ their life the day they gave it to God. No matter what happens, there’s no loss!

How can you lose something you have already lost? Didn’t you give your life to Him? That means, it is no longer yours. Since the day I truly GAVE my life to Him and allowed His will to take place in me, I began experiencing the most exciting years of my life.

Why don’t others move forward? Because they do not want to lose the little they have. Little do they realise is, that little they’re holding on to, will strangle them so that they will not be able to see what The Holy Spirit has in store for them.

The real strength of a man/woman of God doesn’t come from him/her-self, but comes from his/her ability to rely on HIM!

If you’re able to overcome yourself, you can overcome everything

Finishing off a jigsaw puzzle


“You don’t die when you stop breathing, you die when you stop dreaming”

I always believed that!

The ability of dreaming is what keeps us alive. It’s what drives us! But for you to dream, you have to imagine, you got to have the “vision” of what you want. What’s the point of “dreaming” if you can’t see yourself in that position? What’s the point in wishing you could have a united family if you can’t see yourself having one?

When you can picture yourself graduating, getting married, enjoying your family, getting that job you always wanted or even running your own business, immediately you start moving in that direction. When you can’t do it, you get stuck, you “die” inside.

Don’t let the difficulties and the odds, which may be against you, “kill” your dream. Open your mind! Dream again! Think big! Be a visionary!

If you can imagine you can reach it; if you can dream you can achieve it!

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Michael Victor